newfound love - maker & son

It grabs your attention 'the world's most comfortable sofa', and then you look further than the images that make your heart melt, and you're forced to believe that this bold statement may be true.

I can justify anything of superior quality and beauty, and I am not really joking when I say that my mother would be cheering me on to make sure 'some day', this beautiful furniture is part of my everyday.

When you take a look at Maker & Son's website, you see very impressive details about experience in design, manufacturing and the knowing of the type of quality and finish that can steal one's heart.

Just looking at the ratio of human to sofa and armchair makes you smile, as the impression of comfort is chiming like the loveliest clock you've ever heard.

Fabrics are clearly identified and while swatches are handy, you just know that Maker & Son are only using the best, and that whatever your texture and colour preferences, you're confidence in making a good choice can justifiably remain high.

For me personally, the seal on the deal was the image of the deconstructed sofa, aimed at showing potential owners of a Maker & Son piece, that quality is present from start to finish, and that 'family heirloom' is part of the justification for what can only be described as a heartwarming investment.

While I take the time to draw your attention to 'the world's most comfortable sofa', I too am planning the steps to achieving a piece that I know has the ability to brighten one's day at a glance, and impact even more deeply, when one can find a moment to take a seat.

Enjoy these images, and imagine the various possibilities of decoration and comfortable living, but also keep in mind that a high-quality, long-term investment comes at an appropriate price.

The Founders

'Alex Willcock trained as a cabinet maker and furniture designer back in the early 1980s. With Maker&Son, Alex is returning to his design roots and his love of creativity in all its forms.'

'Felix Conran is a designer and artist working across an array of disciplines including fashion, painting, pottery, cooking, and furniture design. His grandfather pioneered a new era in retailing home products, a family tradition that he is continuing with Maker&Son.'

The Fabric

Available in Linen/Cotton, Corduroy and Velvet.

'Made by the same company in Yorkshire for over 25 years from Italian linen yarn and English spun cotton, this fabric has subtle depth of colour and a naturally soft feel. If you prefer a relaxed, timeless look then this fabric is for you. Our Linen/Cotton is pre-washed and pre-shrunk in the mill.'