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The desire to redesign and decorate your space involves many elements. Lighting is an area of design that is so much more than the aesthetics of your fittings. The abundance of stunning light fixtures, lamps and effects available can be confusing, but there are a few key points that lead you to the best results.

First, pin point how you are going to use the space and the locations where you will need lighting - assess your requirements in daylight and at night time.

Where will you be sitting, eating, working, reading, or are there stairs leading into the room that require additional light during the day, as well as at night?

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Decide the locations you require overhead lighting - be specific, as this will greatly impact the room if you're choosing feature pendants and chandeliers.

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Light layering is effective in creating interest and highlighting certain aspects of the space. You will need task lighting in positions such as over the kitchen bench and stove to illuminate food preparation, and in the sitting or living room for reading, etc.

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Accent lighting will create additional interest, texture and highlights with the use of wall lights, spotlights, cabinet lights, footlights, downlights - such as under shelf, bench and in alcoves.

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Ambient lighting will illuminate the overall space - whether with a chandelier, pendant, recess lights, track lights, spotlights.

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Once you decide what you want your lighting to highlight, then you need to consider the many choices available in colour and tone, energy efficiency and life of the globe.

Are you aiming at creating warmth. Does the space need to be brighter or require a white tone? Do you need to illuminate the colours and textures of the space in true colour?

A quality lighting business will have staff who can offer help with these decisions, but it is a good idea to assess and measure your space, and think about what you need from your lighting, before you begin the search.