My life has revolved around bits and pieces of 'natural' and 'not toxic' since my mother first discovered our local 'health food' store in the early 70's.

With each year that passes, I become more aware of 'what's up' and the options we have available.

When my child was born it all became more urgent, and 'non toxic' was one of my immediate priorities for everything around him - unfortunately the light bulb had not gone off, in relation to non-toxic decorator paints - as one who repainted our home if needed, whenever we relocated.

As my efforts went into formally pursuing another of my passions over the past couple of years, and becoming responsible for guiding others in great choices for interior design and decoration, that light-bulb did go off and I decided to search for 'non toxic' decorator paints.

Clients absolutely have the choice to go with any available paint company they choose, but with ECOLOUR™ offering to match any colour you name, I don't 'recommend' anything other than their 100% free VOC paints (100% free of Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs).

With children, the frail, your pets and yourself also using outdoor spaces with timbers that require durable finishes, ECOLOUR™ offers the option to continue with low VOC.

ECOLOUR™ represents themselves efficiently, and here's what they advise about their company and products...

'At ECOLOUR™, we use breakthrough technology to manufacture premium quality water based paint that is 100% free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

VOC free means the paint is safe to use around the chemically sensitive, asthma sufferers, pregnant women, children, pets and you. It is completely non-toxic.

Traditional household paints contain toxic chemicals that are released into the air for years after application, called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are harmful chemicals that have been shown to contribute to many health conditions including breathing difficulties, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, blurred vision and even cancer.

If you’ve ever walked into a recently painted room and felt a little dizzy or your eyes started stinging, that a small indication of how your body is being impacted by the VOCs.

The World Health Organisation classifies painting as a high risk occupation as repeated exposure to the VOCs in regular paints leads to much higher rates of lung and bladder cancer for painters. Other paints which are classified as low VOC can still contain up to 7.5% VOCs (even some companies that claim to be “zero VOC” aren’t in fact zero, be sure to read the fine print on the product data sheets!). VOCs outgas for years after application continuing to impact on the indoor air quality of your work and living environments.

With ECOLOUR™, zero VOC means zero worries. The ECOLOUR™ range includes interior and exterior paints as well as timber finishes. It performs like any other premium quality paint, can be tinted to any colour from any paint chart and is scrubbable. ECOLOUR™ paints have been proven in the marketplace for over 10 years and are suitable for residential and commercial applications.'

'Product Guarantee – Ecolour provides a 10 year guarantee against any flaking or peeling on this paint*. If an Ecolour product fails to perform as specified, Ecolour will provide, at no cost, sufficient paint to recoat the affected area.

Colour Match Guarantee – We will match any paint colour from any colour chart to as close as possible. If you are not satisfied with the colour we will replace prior to application.

(*providing surfaces have been prepared and paint has been applied as per instructions on label. Failure of product caused by any breakdown of a coating previously applied is not covered by this guarantee)'

The ECOLOUR™ customer is only determined by a need for non toxic and air quality...


'The Challenge: A quick turnaround was essential, as other gaming room were struggling to fit customers. 20 painters were onsite and commenced undercoating with a major paint brand, resulting in toxic fumes travelling through the air conditioning vents into the rest of the casino. Customer complaints put a halt to the painting, with the casino forced to consider shutting down the worst affected areas.

Maintaining air quality is essential to casino operations

The Solution: Ecolour Primer Undercoat was applied over the recently painted walls, as well as on the remaining surfaces still requiring undercoating. All paint smells disappeared and the casino was able to resume normal operations.'