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The Style & Glamour of Good Faux

As someone who has never warmed to artificial plants - a bitter taste developing at the sight of them - I concede that I have been converted, and often cannot tell at a glance, if I'm admiring the faux or a living specimen.

Struggling for far too many years to keep those plants I love alive - them hanging on for dear life in positions far from ideal - my guilt over an unhappy 'Happy Plant' has been replaced with a warm and fuzzy feeling, due to some of my favourite interior designers being about the faux, and presenting the most stunning pieces.

Abigail Ahern, with her dark, moody and strong designs, is an incredibly successful champion of faux flora.

Her interiors are amazing, even without potted plants and floral arrangements, but an interesting, comfortable and nurturing living space reveals, with just such a touch of colour, shape, texture and implied 'life'.

Abigail has created her own stunning range, while here in Australia we also have magnificent choices available - which will soon also include Abigail Ahern Interiors.


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