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step to the side for a moment - the view is stunning

Time spent searching for the interesting and functional in home decorating, and products that overall enhance your every day, is a time-consuming, always interesting, and sometimes incredibly rewarding endeavour.

Hanging chairs offer a sense of airy, light-hearted comfort, and many designs and materials deliver an aesthetic that contributes to the perfect space for relaxation - whether a nook in a bedroom, livingroom, etc or for outdoor relaxation on a balcony, patio, verandah, or under the shade of a tree.

I enjoy many of the designs and qualities of the various hanging chairs currently available, that repeatedly grace the pages of editorials and advertisements focused on indoor and outdoor living, however I strive to find products with a significant 'point of difference'.

Beauty, functionality, high quality materials and manufacturing are essential, and then occasionally 'absolutely stunning' and 'so very pleasing overall', is the result of my search.

Double Skyweaver Air Chair

'The world’s only suspended, reclining loveseat is adequate for 2 people and adjustable with 3 position options. The recycled teak dowels form to your body, producing a comfortable cradle, while allowing airflow to prevent perspiration and enabling quick drying after rain. The signature strip laminated S-Curve arms can be folded for compact storage when not in use.'

Sky Air Frame

'Crafted from grade-A recycled teak, the Teak Sky Stand is a stylish piece and great addition to the Skyweaver Air-Chair collection. Solid teak laminate construction allows up to 250kg (550lbs) weight allowance enabling support for either 1 Double Skyweaver Air-Chair (pictured), or 2 Single Skyweaver Air-Chairs.'

As I spend a moment immersed in the satisfaction of finding such a beautiful and unique version of the hanging chair, the product that initiated the Nusantara-Teak range is revealed.

Dreamweaver Teak Hammock & Roman Arch Teak Hammock Stand

'Our original creation continues to be the ultimate in luxury hammock design. This double-size of the Dreamweaver Teak Hammock handcrafted from recycled teak dowels, creates a cradle which eliminates all pressure points, and forms to your distinctive body shape while allowing air circulation to prevent perspiration.'

Roman Arch Teak Hammock Stand

'The timeless, elegant design of the Roman Arch Teak Hammock Stand, is engineered with extra-strength strip laminate construction from solid recycled teak. The perfect compliment for the Dreamweaver Teak Hammock/ Swing Seat, although can be used with any other hammock variety. Comes included with stainless steel hardware and adjustable chains.'

If not pleased enough with the beauty and design, I then see that Nusantara-Teak use Grade A Recyled Teak, which appeals to me both in an eco-friendly capacity, and the warmth and uniqueness that reclaimed timbers provide. There is simply no question that Nusantara-Teak deliver so much more than stunning pieces of furniture - they offer handcrafted, usable sculptures.

'Nusantara-Teak is a new design concept that was founded by Kyle Barnett whilst studying architecture at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, 2004. He later brought the concept back to his native Canada where the initial prototypes were completed in 2006 and endured vigorous product testing to determine the best possible materials for construction.'

http://www.nusantara-teak.com/ https://www.stylelifeaustralia.com.au