The Enchanted Map Oracle Deck

Colette Baron-Reid


The wisdom and uplifting guidance that accompanies Colette's Oracle & Tarot cards, can deliver insight which enables you to be at your best during joyful and peaceful times, and when life delivers us more challenging moments. The stunning artwork of every card in each of Collete's Oracle & Tarot decks, is also a gift of beauty and inspiration.


The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards were created in order to empower you to understand the story of your fate, destiny, and free will; and allow you to chart a course to live a life of deep purpose, true prosperity, and vibrant love.


WISHING WELL - Desire is the most important impulse⁣ for creating life. Now you’re seeing the relationship between desire and inspiration,⁣ and sensing that moment of truth when⁣ you feel the inception of new life. It is an⁣ “Aha!” moment when everything makes⁣ sense.⁣ ⁣
Perhaps you recognize a soul mate,⁣ or are conceiving a baby or an idea. The⁣ Wishing Well card awakens you to the presence of unseen forces that enable new⁣ beginnings. Divine intelligence activates⁣ the field of possibilities where new life is⁣ co-created in a magical way. Neither you⁣ nor anyone else can know how or why this⁣ happens. It just does.⁣⁣
⁣⁣To that end, you can’t control the process of growth. Rather, you must step aside⁣ to be a channel for higher forces and relinquish any attachment to how this new creation should appear, or when. Form your⁣ intention, and take action by dropping the⁣ coin into the Wishing Well; then trust in⁣ Spirit. Prepare to be amazed.⁣


Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium. Colette is an oracle expert and best-selling author with a message of perspective and hope with her trademark compassionate and uplifting personality.


Colette Baron-Reid, the author of Messages from Spirit and Remembering the Future, is a popular spiritual intuitive, seminar leader, radio personality, motivational speaker and musical recording artist. She has shared the stage with authors Sylvia Browne, John Holland, Caroline Myss and many others. She currently lives in Sedona, Arizona with her husband and Pomeranians.


ISBN: 9781401927493
ISBN-10: 1401927491
Deck: 54 Oracle Cards
Published: 28th November 2011
Publisher: Hay House Inc
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 13.8 x 10.0  x 4.8
Weight (kg): 0.41

The Enchanted Map Oracle Deck - Colette Baron-Reid