Pure Mohair Knee Rug Throw


Blush Check


91cm x 122cm




St Albans' gorgeous new Blush Check Mohair Knee Rug is the perfect size for keeping you warm and cosy this winter.  Lightweight and easy to use our smaller sized knee rugs are an ideal addition to any outdoor event and while travelling.  In addition, this multi-functional product can be loved and enjoyed in a cot, pram or single bed.


St Albans' timeless and exquisite Mohair products are the cornerstone of our collection. Known as the ‘diamond fibre’ for its strength and durability, no textile surpasses Mohair for resilience and flexibility.


St Albans' Mohair, sourced from the most respected Angora Goat farms in Australia and South Africa, provides effortless, lightweight warmth that breathes as it encompasses.


    You will fall in love with the beauty, practicality and workmanship of St Alban's Alpaca products.

    Mohair Knee Rug Throw - BLUSH CHECK - 91x122cm