Pod Star Coffee Pod Tamper for Pod Star Coffee Pods


Caffitaly, Nespresso® & Aldi K-fee®


Take your coffee making skills up to another level with the Pod Star Solid Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper. Weighing in at 122gms, and moulded from marine grade stainless steel, the Pod Star Tamper is perfect for packing your Pod Star coffee capsules to make sure you get the most coffee in your pod.


Design meets functionality with these elegant tampers perfectly weighted for optimum pod packing performance.


Each Pod Star Tamper Pack includes:

1 x Pod Star Solid Stainless Steel Tamper (316L Stainless Steel)

Weight - 122gm
Size - 67mm High x 24mm Diameter


Made from high quality, food-grade stainless steel, designed to last a lifetime.


Zero-waste product - helping to stop the millions of single-use capsules being produced and going to landfill every day.


Simply fill the capsule with your choice of ground coffee from your coffee supplier or cafe, ground to a fine-to-medium grind, and place into your Pod Star Re-usable stainless steel coffee pods.


Note: Do not use espresso ground coffee in the capsules, as it's too fine for capsule coffee pods.



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