Black Obsidian is believed to protect one's psyche - Soul, Mind & Spirit - from negative energies, and to support centring, balance, cleansing and also communication with one's higher self.


5.2cm diameter  x 1.01cm high


Zodiac Signs - Scorpio

Element - Earth

Number - 1

Hardness - 5-5.5

Chakras - Base


Obsidian can be black grey, brown or green in colour. Apache Tears are also a form of Obsidian, which ranges in colour from brown to black. Naturally forming, Apache Tears are believed to have a more gentle fibration than Black Obsidian.


Black Obsidian is a silica rich, volcanic rock. The Obsidian labelled volcanic 'glass', is a formation deriving from rapid cooling of moulten volcanic rock - for example, the moulten rock coming into contact with water, becoming airborn or cooling more quickly on the edges of the lava flow.


The name Obsidian is believed to come from the Latin obsidianus meaning "of Obsidius (or Obsius)", after a Roman (apparently a solider) who became widely associated with this type of volcanic rock/glass. Obsidian may also derive from Oscan and the word Oppius, being the term used for 'worked or laboured'.


Black Obsidian Rough - $24.90

Black Obsidian Polished Disc - $26.90 (has tiny, light surface-only scratches on both sides)




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Black Obsidian - Rough / Polished Disc - prices from $24.90