Illuka Sideboard 4-Door


Material - Americal Oak, Sustainable & Ethically Sourced

Finish - Natural

Dimensions - 200cm wide x 45cm deep x 82 cm high


Inspired by the raw coastal beauty of the Sunshine Coast, the Iluka Sideboard is created from 100% natural American Oak that has been ethically and sustainability sourced.


It has been hand sanded so smooth and fine, that it has required no resin nor stain. It's finish is raw and smooth to touch. It's extremely solid, perfect to be handed down from generation to generation.


It has 4 doors that open on push hinges and adjustable shelving. No handles are required as the push magnetic locks hold the doors in place. To open, simply push on the door and it pop open with ease.



As we intend to get you the best freight prices possible, we will obtain a quote from a quality freighter prior to purchase OR refund the difference prior to delivery.

If you have your own method of transport, we are happy for you to pay price of goods only, and arrange pick up and delivery.

Iluka 4-Door Sideboard - Ethically Sourced American Oak RR$3799