Comfrey Root and Apple Cider Vinegar Tincture


100ml Currently Unavailable (2019/2020 bushfires impacted this lovely company.


'Usage Tips: Use on your body avoiding genitals and the face for incredibly thin dry skin that bruises easily. The Apple cider vinegar Tincture of Comfrey root strengthens the skin as well as rapidly drawing through the layers of hard working hands leaving them smooth.  If your skin is itchy i recommend our Hypericum cream.


Ingredients: Saarinen Organics make the Gardener's Hand Cream in small batches making Apple cider Vinegar Tincture with Comfrey root harvested from Saarinen Organics'permaculture farm, taking up to 6 months for the tIncture to mature. Saarinen Organics pack the Gardener's Hand Cream full of certified olive oil, Saarinen organics fresh herbal infusion and certified organic antibacterial essential oils.


'A Note from Kay: We have had such success with this cream with people returning time and time again for over 10 years xx'


Gardener's Hand Cream 250ml - nourishing/soothing for dry/cracked skin


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