Foot Cream - Peppermint


This herbal foot cream is an all-round anti-bacterial cream that deeply moisturizes cracked heels, relaxes tired, sore feet also reduces odour.


Certified organic ingredients and local low heated beeswax and honey with peppermint.


'Usage Tips: 

Use this foot cream during the day, as it soaks in fast so you can pop your socks or sandals on and go.


(For an intensive treatment at night, Kaye recommends the Calendula ointment. After a shower and perhaps a rub with a stone and rub in the Calendula Ointment - pop some night socks on so you don’t go slipping around the floor or stain the sheets.


A Note from Kay: I love my foot cream, i have some great market fans who rave about our foot cream xx'


Foot Cream - Peppermint 100ml - anti-bacterial / deeply moisturising


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