Hypericum Tincture made with Apple Cider Vinegar - 150 ml bottle w' pump dispenser


Great for very dry skin that is also tight and itchy due to the dryness.


The Apple Cider Vinegar Tincture with Hypericum, has a strong scent from the vinegar and earthy herbs. The Vitamin D's such as Apricot and Castor Oil, help nourish and soften the skin, while Bees Wax and Coconut oil nourish the skin and form a barrier to help prevent moisture loss.


'Usage Tips: Tight dry skin can sometimes become itchy. Hypericum cream is a fantastic cream for that, helping to ease the dryness thus easing the itch. Apply to the body apart from genitals or the face. If the skin is broken from scratching it will sting because of the apple cider vinegar tincture. If you can be brave and deal with that, the sting will fade quickly. Though Kaye doesn't recommend this cream for children, as it is very strong and if it stings you may lose their trust. Everyone is different so some may have to apply it 4 times in an hour before they are good to go for the day and others are good to go after one application. Bundle and save for our Itch dry skin bundle.


Ingredients: Saarinen Organics make the Hypericum Cream in small batches making Apple cider Vinegar Tincture with Hypericum taking upto 6 months for the TIncture to mature. Saarinen Organics pack their Hypericum cream full of high vitamin D oils, Saarinen organics fresh herbal infusion and Certified organic antibacterial Essential oils.



A Note from Kay: We have had such success with this cream with people returning to us at the markets after test patching and saying they haven’t felt so much relief in a long time.'



Hypericum Body Cream - ACV & Honey 100ml/250ml - soothes Dry/Tight/Itchy Skin

Hypericum Body Cream

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