Calming Massage Oil - Australian Made and Grown


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A light and quickly absorbed massage oil for your body.


This special blend of plant oils will aid in promotion a restful night sleep by helping to balance and calm emotions.


In a base of pure jojoba and sweet almond oil, combined with three key pure Essential oils, our calming massage oil will nourish, soothe and relax your body and mind for better sleep and tension relief.


Bodecare Calming Massage Oil is best ued as part of your body care, relaxation routine.  Use on skin on skin after a calming bath soak or shower.  Use on feet during relexology for added benefits.


Pure Australian grown cold pressed jojoba oil, Australian sweet almond oil, Essential oils of lavender, patchouli and lime.

No theraputic claim is made or intented for this product.

Calming Massage Oil - Australian Made/Grown 100ml